1 and 4 in your list, cause the self medication of 2 and 3 to occur.

As women become liberated (go team women) and men take on more of required adulting (go team men), this is a topic that will silently happen in a lot of homes and bedrooms.

It isn't that he doesn't love you and in fact the reality is he may love you far more then you realize. But the problem is the trauma has pulled all the confidence and love and care from his "cock" into his heart to defend and protect it.

He is paralyzed in a way that only a person he truly trusts and loves can help him fight through the battle. There is no sucking it up butter cup as some those with traumas in life will attest too, because he is sucking it up and fighting the anxiety demons, the expectations demons, the failure demons, and the realization that society sees him not as a man or even a boy but an IT.

Now take the fact that society has actively disempowered men in all generations now to not show emotions, to not know how to communicate, to not feel. But they offer pictures the only way to be a man is to be "that man" that beds the ladies, that is CEO, that is a sports star. This happens still every day.

Women have the same shit storm too, but due to centuries of bonding (and even sapphic love) have built a home to help women destroy those walls and feel safe.

Men own this repair work 110%, but the reality is he only has 100% to give. The question is if a person loves a man like this are you willing to give him that 10% until he can stand by himself and show the true power of that love.

There are women that have done this and led the independent and liberated lives. I believe they see when this achieved, the love and passion and empathy a man can give when he wins.

Will make every day the most awesome day until they die.

As I shared about my trek, my ex-GF after an ED experience due to rape calling me gay saying I wanted it and gaslighting me in the worst way saying I wasn't a real man. Was far worse then the rape itself, because it lasted over two decades until I finally broke down and got help. I still fight that demon daily and her imprint kills me a little every day. So does a person want to be that person, or one who stands by and does nothing? Or do they want to be the woman that lends a hand to the feminine spirit in the man who then helps the masculine spirit who to me is a glass boy cracked and broken up so he can light the fire of love and power on.

When that works is done, women might realize that having a man with both spirits and a hardened but sensitive boy (think like gorilla glass vs tempered glass) will provide them a rewarding spirit that will take the breath away.

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