+1 sexual drive is not gender specific and if you are guy with an HL woman … you are going to be in for an awesome wild ride and you will need to also not tie your masculinity to your sexual success.


I learned this when I was a freshman in college. I had a chemistry partner who was awesome and we clicked (like brother and sister). The point was we caught up 4 years later at a bar in South Bend with a friend of mine who was introducing me to a recruiter at a mid-sized accounting firm. She literally left five guys who were trying to dance, drink and what not and ran over to me and jumped in the air and I caught her … her looks was the type that she only dated the Men of Purdue calender (in fact she bedded every one of them).

The find was I realized women were far more detailed and expressive about sex and their partners as I sat there while watching 90210 (early 90’s). I was like holy fuck. I learned so much from her it was wonderful, and even to the point, I had a few girls pounce on me (thanks to our friendship)

It was at that point, I realized if women were safe, trusted you, holy shit the represssion from being “society” good girls (not a good thing) was explosive.

It is the greatest travesty of humanity IMO that women have to do this, or they feel shamed for aggressively wanting sex and intimacy.

My poor person’s analogy to this is …. men are the boat and women are the ocean ….. trust me the ocean will always win over the long haul (the reality)

Knowing this as a man, if I am with a high libido woman. I never ever “attacked” [consensually] head on. I realized it was a love fight that I might win some of the time but never all of the time. So for those with great partners like this. Learn to uses lots of oral, toys, fingers, touch play, power play, and what not.

Then …. after sex when you are spent ….. ask her to please masturbate for you and go as dirty as possible …. in the 1990’s I learned the importance of vibrators and dildo in with sex play ….

Fantastic article as usual.

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