1A, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences from others in society; however, it means that the government can not or will not push criminal charges.

If there was, the current president could arrest anyone with anti-X messages as an enemy of the state.

If you research it when times were volatile in the USA, 1A was pushed and it harmed a lot of people, and oddly it took a lawsuit against a politician and porn creator to put the nail in the coffin.

The problem isn't the speech per se, it is the fact that our society glorifies violence and pure individualism over community.

This is very serious stuff because 1A isn't there, the entire #desist movement would be in jail marked as felons, which would mean they could not vote. The gentleman that took a knee? Arrested for disrespect …

So if folks are concerned about this, then work on building people into a group that actually promotes peace and builds a large enough community to resolve this without shame or blame ...

Otherwise, you will never see the required votes for an amendment "ever".

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