2-5 cases out of a million is literally statistically the equivalent of "no harm". If people feel driving a car is "no harm", they should understand there are 110 deaths per million in auto fatalities in the US.

As for the vaccine, want to get the rates up? Tell guys their dicks will stop functioning if they don't get the vaccine or get COVID.

Folks will say "what, huh"? COVID is a cardiovascular disease that impacts the ability to pump blood through the body. Care to guess what doesn't inflate with proper blood flow?

"Oh get real Alan" ...

Sure, take anti-parasite medicines, or use the fact that someone after they are sick and swirling near the death bowl of life having a drug that has a small chance of helping (due to the fact that their bodies are loaded with parasites or even worms due to eating bad food) as the basis for all those ...


Anti-establishment does not cross the lines with anti-science and piss poor risk analysis. It is a correlation meets causation situation.

"but I digress"

I just label a person like that with a Forest Gump voice and says "life is like box of chocolates, stupid is as stupid does and your stupidity cost you a piece of chocolate"

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