3000 ... impressive!

Now, frankly, someone that has to ask like this shows a very shallow mind with a lack of imagination.

But most importantly either poor intent, low confidence, or has serious trust issues.

These are all great ingredients for an uber sensual relationship with a lovely intimacy future (not)

If I became single I would so loathe being in this mix, and what is worse is since the pool of men have dirtied the hot toxic mess, I know I would need to show extra special patience since women on average probably have to test like a mofo to prove a guys intent.

Frankly, finding the picture and swiping affirmatively means yeah I would want to meet up in the safest way to meet in IRL.

Because the 3D me is worth a fuck-ton more then the 2D representation of me. I do know I will fuck up since well I am me, but you know what get to know me and more then likely folks will start to laugh.

As I found out from friends, dude ... you do some shit without realizing it that is funnier the fuck. (using swear words as my friends said this).

This is not something you would get from selfies, but hey ... I guess all I need to do in the modern era is hold a kittie and say ... wanna go fish :)

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