Inspired by the awesome female writers of Medium

Scientists have written
Symmetry is the base
Of Raw and Pure Beauty
Of the Body and Form

What they neglect to tell you
Wrinkles and layers
Are the true beauty
Of the mind and soul

When a person can mentally titillate
With words based on observation
Which takes tremendous skills
To wield…

Taming anxiety with love

Hectic day, like so many
Thirty eggs in the air
She wonders, "Why do I bother?"
Partner, mother, queen of the industry
She is mentally wiped every night
There are days I see her barely be able to fight

Her partner helps out in every way he can
Still, life is…

What happens to a man when he finds the one.

Her words, her lips
Her hips, her eyes
That consented smile
It kills me every time

Her smell, her curves
Her feminine wiles
It makes me look at my feet
When I feel her heat

Knowing I took my time

Masculine observation of the Feminine Spirit

Feel the Warmth
Her heart exudes
Feel the joy
Given to you

Realize the fire
Deep in her soul
A feral beast
Stronger than one below

Patience and Pose
With Feminine Grace
Deadly though
Who speaks ill to her face

Men will be enamored
By her feminine form
Not realizing she can

The hardest part is the first step

I’m scared, my love
It just doesn’t feel right;
I have a secret to share.
It scares me every night.

I know you love my alpha,
My stronger dominant man,
I see your toes curl
When I lick and pound you
Because I am your #1 fan.

Pulling your hair,

Consensual Non-Consensual sex

Author Note: This fantasy assumes 100% consent with safewords

Professional and Amazing Wife
Assertive and Sensuous all of her life
Hides a secret that would shock the world
She dreams of being raped by a gang for an entire night

Loving feminist husband knows of her needs,
"I'll satisfy your dreams…

Male heartache and failure

“Hate you HATE you,”
She mutters
As she disrobes
To nothingness.

“You consented
You ended
You desired”

He responded with dread.

“You left
I respected, I acquiesced
It wasn’t a fight to win because you rescinded
Your consent, my friend,” he continued.

“You’re no friend! Take me now
The pain is…

Musing from adulthood

Long flowing hair
The twinkle in the eyes
Don’t you dare!
Bright smiles, effervescent feeling
So much love, I feel like I am going to die.

Passions intertwined
Hearts soar to new hights
But like birds with no trees
Come crashing to the ground.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Intent, focus, and observation with those we love

“Let’s meet at a bar,” she states,
“Yes, that sounds like fun,” is his reply,
“But we won’t say a word”
“Very well,” she says, “but I don’t know.”

I want to see if we still connect
With no words left to spare
Will you come home with me
Or will you find…


When a man realizes how much he loves his partner

Standing like a flower
In the field of Texas love
Seeing her sway
Powers me to desire love.

Walk to her
Hold my breath
“May I touch you?”
She smiles.

Take me now
Touch me
Smell me
Consume me
Like it was your last breath

I release the binds of…

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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