Musing from adulthood

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Long flowing hair
The twinkle in the eyes
Don’t you dare!
Bright smiles, effervescent feeling
So much love, I feel like I am going to die.

Passions intertwined
Hearts soar to new hights
But like birds with no trees
Come crashing to the ground.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
Lust drives eyes behind one’s head
Overloads the senses
Makes one throw abandonment of sanity
Driving each other deeper into bed.

Connection is made
Connection is broken
Time passes
Yet the calendar says it does not.

The moment in time
Where time stops still
Yet the feeling is of one
and infinite…

Intent, focus, and observation with those we love

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“Let’s meet at a bar,” she states,
“Yes, that sounds like fun,” is his reply,
“But we won’t say a word”
“Very well,” she says, “but I don’t know.”

I want to see if we still connect
With no words left to spare
Will you come home with me
Or will you find another?
How about that for a dare?

So dress your best
Be ready to go
Let’s see if we can dance
Erotically with no words.

He sees her at the bar
All the men are gazing at her hard
He pulls up a stool
He orders two drinks and points…


When a man realizes how much he loves his partner

Photo by Monica Turlui from Pexels

Standing like a flower
In the field of Texas love
Seeing her sway
Powers me to desire love.

Walk to her
Hold my breath
“May I touch you?”
She smiles.

Take me now
Touch me
Smell me
Consume me
Like it was your last breath

I release the binds of her dress
Watch it fall to the ground
All the curves and thorns
Make me want to pounce.

Bow to her feet
Breathe deeply in
Plant kisses and soft touches
Work my way up her strong stem.

Find the warm and wet place
Smart enough to swim around
Work farther up until…

Erotic narrative poem

Photo by Ana Maria Moroz from Pexels

Two lovers, former Friends … strike that:
Best of friends, now intense lovers, fully in lust,
Heading for date
With the woman deeply desiring to mate.

Feminist man, with respect and love,
Pulls her chair out so she can sit,
He bends over and whispers in her ear,
“I have not consented to intercourse.”

“Tonight is the night I consent to you, my love
If you desire more than the infinite pleasure
I have given to you so many nights before,”
He hears her gasp and feels her fidget down below.

They sit and eat; he smiles as he watches

Not if the company has their salary transferred to the US Government, it could be treated as a 100% tax credit that could reduce the federal tax share on the company side.

i.e. if a person made $100K and owes $10K in federal taxes, the company is usually on the hook for the $10K equivalent. Supporting the salary of the partners with children during the first two years, would net $200K in tax credits.

What you did was the best thing. Unfriend/unfollow/ or even block.

Why block? It activates a setup which purges all connections between the two of you, and after a period of time you can unblock, or you can wait until he notices.

As a former republican and a guy that has the ability to dig deep into layers and put the pieces together, my strength can also be my greatest weakness.

The thing is I am not full of myself, and even when I was hyped up on the full infotainment drug of politics, I would read from both the…

Living through loss

Black and white photo of boy wearing a hoodie while looking through a window on a rainy day in the city
Black and white photo of boy wearing a hoodie while looking through a window on a rainy day in the city
Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

Looking at the ground at my feet
Through the fingers on my hand
See the dirt around me
Since my translucent body deceives me

Winds blow around me
A shiver gets to my core
Darkness flows in and out
No light from within anymore

I see boys and girls laughing
I see men and women in love
I look down at my toes
I feel so numb and unloved

I see the boys playing
Raw masculine sparks full of flame
I see mine flicker and go out
It has been like this for so many days

Every day I fight…

Kisses and bonding

Imagen de photographybycarlossan en Pixabay

Touching her skin
Sends a shock to my spine
Smelling her neck
Warbles my mind

My lips touch her shoulder
The smoothness on my tongue
Waters my mouth and
Creates surges down below

My hands touch her hips
I feel her feminine power and grace
Butterflies in my stomach
She then shows me her face

Beautiful brown eyes
Long amazing hair
Brilliant smile
Her sparkle makes me stare

Her glowing beauty
Blows my masculinity to the moon
My inner strength stops the launch
For I am no fool

I take my left hand, cup her right ear
Follow with my right…

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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