What you did was the best thing. Unfriend/unfollow/ or even block.

Why block? It activates a setup which purges all connections between the two of you, and after a period of time you can unblock, or you can wait until he notices.

As a former republican and a guy that has the ability to dig deep into layers and put the pieces together, my strength can also be my greatest weakness.

The thing is I am not full of myself, and even when I was hyped up on the full infotainment drug of politics, I would read from both the…

Living through loss

Black and white photo of boy wearing a hoodie while looking through a window on a rainy day in the city
Black and white photo of boy wearing a hoodie while looking through a window on a rainy day in the city
Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

Looking at the ground at my feet
Through the fingers on my hand
See the dirt around me
Since my translucent body deceives me

Winds blow around me
A shiver gets to my core
Darkness flows in and out
No light from within anymore

I see boys and girls laughing
I see men and women in love
I look down at my toes
I feel so numb and unloved

I see the boys playing
Raw masculine sparks full of flame
I see mine flicker and go out
It has been like this for so many days

Every day I fight…

Kisses and bonding

Imagen de photographybycarlossan en Pixabay

Touching her skin
Sends a shock to my spine
Smelling her neck
Warbles my mind

My lips touch her shoulder
The smoothness on my tongue
Waters my mouth and
Creates surges down below

My hands touch her hips
I feel her feminine power and grace
Butterflies in my stomach
She then shows me her face

Beautiful brown eyes
Long amazing hair
Brilliant smile
Her sparkle makes me stare

Her glowing beauty
Blows my masculinity to the moon
My inner strength stops the launch
For I am no fool

I take my left hand, cup her right ear
Follow with my right…

Tortured in pleasure

Image from Adobe Stock

A beautiful woman enters into her mate’s den
She knows she has been bad for the thousandth time
Sitting in his cozy chair reading a book
She sighs with relief, this won’t be very difficult

She stands by him, this strong and fierce woman
He looks up from his book, extends his hand
She gasps, “Oh, no,
Please anything but that”

“Please, honey, I will take a cane or a whip
I will be your love slave,” she says
“No,” he replies, “this is your punishment,
You will do this until I say you can quit”

What caused the concern…

Love to service

Photo by Alexandre Mattos from Pexels

Liberated intelligent woman
Leader of her industry
Laser-focused on her work
Like the ultimate Queen Bee

Out of the corner of her eye
Or from the whisper she barely hears
Over the top of her gorgeously layered hair
Overtures that raises goosebumps on her neck

Virtuous she is not
Voracious in Love and Passion she is
Victorious against men and women
Virtually can be stopped by no one

Every strong and stubborn
Eater of men and devours her lovers
Every day and every night
Eschews from purity, but is loyal to those who are kind

She feels her partner
Takes his…

Happiness through liquids

Photo by Christian Fridell from Pexels

Silicon ice ball devices
Purified Texas water
Water filtered thrice
Chilled at negative eight

The ice is superbly great
Glass from an airline club
Last visitor to leave the place
Angel bartender servers
Gifted glasses to their mate

Unique vodka
From a container made from a skull
Make to dull this man tonight

Love splashes of sweetness
Red is my favorite color of the night
Mix the ball of ice, the vodka
With the sweet juice of cranberry love

Swirl the glass in my hand with a smile
See the clear mix with the red delight
See the colors merge perfectly
Time to…

A man’s place in this world

Photo by Flickr from Pexels

Anger, fear, hate, and sadness
Thanks to society
Women live in fear
It can bring a man to tears

When a man loves a woman
He hates to see the void
The one filled with darkness
That fills her entire soul

His battles are clear
He must enter with no fear
He must deliver love
Letting her face filled with tears

Once the hate is gone
He must continue to pour his love
It needs to fill the barren space
Watch all the dark places
Disappear from her heart

Hugs warm touches
Soft platonic kisses to her face
A shoulder to beat…

Indoors Camping in Dark Times

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Lazy Warm Morning
The woman wakes up at ease
Pleasured the night before
No urges, itches, or longings to please

Stretches her body, no aches in the place
Feels her muscles go taunt
Then she relaxes and is at ease.
A big smile on her face

Looks over at her mate
He is asleep and at peace.
How can a human being
Be so fierce, yet so innocent?
How did he tame the beast?

She takes her hand feels stubble on his face.
Takes her hands over his shoulders
So manly and thick
She knows she is very safe.


Undying thirst for love

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Two Lost Souls
Careening through time and space
Too many open missing pieces
Too much sadness for two lovers to face

Invisible red strings
Pulled tight and far across time and space
Requires acts of Gods and Goddesses
To reel in these two lovers to the same place

Even the fates desire this
Even though they forced them apart
The power for their lives and desire
Makes the fates desire them to mate

The fates even talk,
“Can you imagine their first kiss?
The sparks would ignite fires
That would even make us submit”

The fates all blush,
“Can you imagine…

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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