A man sits down to the broken pieced girl with a tear on his face and anger in his heart. His passion is to beat the man who broke such a unique and fantastic puzzle of love and humanity.

The first thing he fixes is the mouth and the head. He then stops waits for the woman to open her eyes and look at him. He then stops and asks her this question. Do you consent to me touching your pieces with love and affection?

For every time you hurt, keep count of the hurt, and I will pay in kind. You can punch my chest, my shoulder, or even my behind. I am with you now to take your pain and your fear. Please tell me how I am to begin.

She sits back a gasp and doesn’t know what to say. No man has attempted to listen to her any day. Ok, count the pieces that I touch and build, and I will default to take the pain from you after. He then strengthens her shoulders and arm and upper torso with love and care and no disasters.

He sits back and says, now, do you need a drink or some tea? Coffee, some alcohol, or some food to please. Here are the tools and pieces that the evil man broke off your face. I will hand them to you to put them back in the right place. If you get tired, let me know what to do. I will take over and fix what is necessary.

A few days go by much tears and laughter is seen. The woman sees herself rebuilt by her hand with such great taste. She looks at the man and doesn’t know what to say. He asks her, please, may I have a hug from you on this very day.

She winks and says; we need to talk more. The man agrees that we should talk about what we desire and love. We need to check the souls and our hearts and minds over some time. For real friendships and love take considerable time.

More time passes by, and it is clear that there is a real connection between these two human beings right here. The woman looks devilish upon the man’s face, do you consent now to let me lead and run our relationship at my pace. Please understand the great love you have done, but now I desire to be the alpha, so prepare for some fun. The man says yes, he believes in her faith. He consents to it all, and she puts a smile on his face.

The last thing we hear is a smack on his butt. Oh, my dear, I broke a few pieces off of your butt.

Enjoy …. you inspired this short story from your compelling poem Estrella Ramirez

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