A saying I have used is you either have time or money but neither both.

Women need the same access as men along with pay and respect; however, if one chooses a career in liue of relationships, then one will have to realize the kids, family, and love maybe lost.

That isn’t a bad thing, but women have a biological blessing and restriction that men don’t. So care need to be taken of children and family are desired, but children and family don’t make the woman. Conversely, when that choice is made they will need to make sure not to blame men for their decisions either.

The real reality is the devil’s bargain system of our society needs to change. We need to have some pillars of masculinity for areas of growth and competition to keep things moving and interesting, and some matriarchal views around family, love, sex, and child raising. In some ways the Masou and other cultures have it right, but as shown via expansion of humanity it lacked the growth required

Right now from man’s view, I believe men have stated their views silently. Children and family no longer really matter. So women definitely should go for the gold in their career and relationships with high standards, because oddly the percentage of wholesome and real for sex and relationships will no approach the levels of a fetish category on a tube site.

Which makes me sad to even type that, but with an open mind and simple looking around see if that makes sense.

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