A unfounded belief I have is that if a feminist that is safe and at peace after reviewing the current struggles in both genders, learns how truly toxic the society "man box" is and feels empathy towards those stuck in it.

Since most feminists believe in strong based consent, if the humor is in a consent given place such as a comedy house, a movie, or what not, then they can read between the lines and enjoy the humor and leave it at that.

In today's society for balanced living men are the underdogs given the lack of positive training and common positive team oriented platforms for them to grow, heal and help one another.

So when they see a man or men fight above it, they truly appreciate them. They also see the women that use men in their blind spot as a problem and try to help them relieve their traumas so they can grow out of the hot toxic mess of our society.

As a guy that fights this battle everyday, I don't minimize the shit storm women have to deal with safety and their life. However, the dirty secret of our society is men feel this exact same thing too, the problem is given life's messaging when they wake up and look in the mirror on average, they don't see victim as some women (both cis/trans) do, but enemy.

But as to humor ... the darker the soup, the hotter the joke, and gender need not apply.

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