It can be a place holder that consumes resources and time and can provide a WTF did I do this, and it is a two-way street.

Relationships or sans-relationships are the red and blue pill of life. The problem is sometimes the cherry tastes great and other times the blueberry is beyond awesome, but guess what ... sometimes you swallow both!

Is it wrong? Hell no. The special person in your life will look at you and say "hey" does my tongue look purple?

I do believe people believe judging a person based upon relationship status is the one thing that people do to try to make them feel better about themselves versus others.

E.g. Gosh Vanessa is so amazing person X, we need to set her up with our friend person Y because they should be as happy as we are!

1. This person is in the bubble which will always pop and subconsciously knows it will so she wants another soul in it so it might last longer

2. This person is in a relationship hell and misery loves company.

3. This person is tired of hearing their friend bitch about not being in a relationship

4. (the list can go on and on and on) ....

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