Acceptance and silence and active listening for guys is the proper response. My example that encapsulates the fear for women is this.

Man and woman go to a campfire, woman has a bat the man can’t see. When the man full of Hope and promise is looking at the fire the woman smacks him across the head knocking him out. Women then uses the bat on him in the worst possible way and when the man comes painfully too she uses it and pulls it out and smacks him again knocking him out and then throws the bat in the fire and leaves him a note saying…. Thanks for the great evening I had a lot of fun tell me when we can do this again. Guy raises this issues to others and no one believes him and if confronted she says well with an ass like that he asked for it maybe he should wear looser pants not showing that to me.

Women have a right to be scared, it is up to guys to realize that the proper action is respect and loyalty and clear and honest communication before getting intimate and taking the time to be in the friend zone before making it more.

Trauma is the right word.

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