After we spend to resolve the COVID issue and get the current vaccine "and" the next vaccine out for the mutations, which will take 2021 and 2022 (yes masks will be needed), then this will be the #1 issue

Why? Interest on this debt during this president's term will probably exceed the spending on our military.

Folks will state raise taxes, and sure that will needed to be done, but raising corporate taxes by 40% as stated, combined with the health care costs that are increasing 10-20% (not including the hits from COVID and the loss of physician and nurses), and increased labor costs (presuming minimum wage goes up), will require the cost of everything to probably appreciate 50-80% across the board.

Given our country does not export anything of value except oil and agriculture, and with people desiring to go green (no issue from me), then the cost of "white" oil for which we produce not much of it will cost a large scale ramp up in other costs.

Lastly, the fact the Boomers did not save enough "Ever", means we will have tens of millions of boomers who put in $100K into medicare and will require $500K in medical costs that they don't have, and the social security they underfunded by not putting enough in nor having enough Children (Gen Jones/X) will come to roost.

These whammies are coming, and we need to have non-emotional people having important and in depth discussions to figure out how we are going to ration the economic resources in our country and realize that there will not be enough to take care of everyone.

This means we have to be wickedly honest, open, transparent, fair, and logical.

Those that can't, can go spew trauma on their social media pages and on their own lands and homes, but realize it is for therapy not for real discussion.

We all have to work together to make america the best place to live, and that means talking and conversing like real adults and not conspiracy theorists.

Can we do it? I believe we can, but it means no more meme's and no more childish outbursts and we must give people the time the space to flex and chillax as Bernie Mac once said ...

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