Agree on the solutions angle 110%, the issue comes down to the gross generalization of gender.

It is that simple. Men on the flip side do have to elevate their game across the board, but given equality in the here and now, with women having the freedom they deserve and are entitled too. One that generalizes can be labeled as a sexist person.

So instead of a man becoming a defensive person, "some" men may need to respond back and say.

I am sorry that you had negative experiences in your life, but your generalized assumption of gender is highly sexist. Be wary of what you fight against as masculinity is not yours to define in the same way men are not to define femininity.

Shit men deserve toxic responses, unknown men who question in a safe space as social media within civility bounds should not be tainted by the toxic culture of masculinity as society presume all guys are.

Don't help reinforce a self-fulfilling prophecy, which it doesn't have to be.

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