Agree with you on this, the question will be whether society will be able to handle the effects on falling birth rates if the time frame for me to adjust are on the order of 2-3 generations.

Women are not chattel, and society will need to understand the underinvestment in the areas you talk to with all generations of men will come back to haunt society.

Take a look at the latest op-ed in WSJ that stated last year for the first time the birth rate was at 1.0. That means the financial framework to keep things safe and sane in America will come to a halt fast.

Does that mean we need to reverse what we have been doing? Hell no. But there are no affirmative action for men on these topics and as such it will fall into a fight and flight mode men have used for centuries. What is worse is if a guy is able to adjust time will have passed and the physical stress will show up in his health leading down hill.

Then ironically it maybe the patriarchy view of I have the pussy I make the rules may turn into who has any viable sperm from an authentic male.....

Good artice.

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