Agreed. In the area of Texas I moved to (Texoma), the local paper showed quarantine maps that were used prior to the flu. Why? There are major Native American tribes here embedded with all of us as one family.

The one statement was if you enter this area and you leave you will be shot dead. That should tell you how serious "real" men had to be with biological males that would not listen.

It is fascinating for me as I was born in Cleveland, am a Buckeye and heritage wise per historical pattern conform to "Yankee" view [the matriarchs came over to work as maids in the 1890s] and brought their families from Europe.

I live in rural areas, so I get to see a wide range of people, and have kept apartments in the Bay Area, so I have observed a lot.

So my advice for woman kind and society, don't call these biological males "men". They don't deserve the title. Man-child, boy adults, retarded men (if you must use a title), but not men.

There is no community of men, as it is a gladiator style of life. Kill or be killed. Biological males like them are lost, the lonely, they are angry, they are going insane.

Why they don't do masks is simple. All hope is gone and they don't care anymore for society. How does one motivate a person that has given up and doesn't care, and worse for those that use anger to try to control ... unleashes decades of hate boiling within them upon the attacker.

This is the the thing I believe women might not understand (thankfully). With nothing to lose anymore, they don't care and now that breath can be weaponized, they are empowered even more.

They want to see good people be dehumanized and lose their humanity like they have lost there, they want you at their level.

It is sad. Me, I step with society and women and stand in front (or next too) and when they attack I am there. Because my demons are just as strong as theres, but the thing is ... I have that raw anger and I have two warriors in me who know how to direct it for maximum protection.

I am here if asked ... just when the battle is done, I ask women to please pick the pieces of me and heal me, for it will destroy parts of me. But I can rebuild unlike them, because I have done it before.


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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