Agreed. The long term question for those societies is how does one empower the growth and expansion of the society and culture.

For our culture, we need to continue on the with the girl power and girl boss education programs.

The core issue is what is out there to empower the boys into men in the same mindful masculinity that respect requires.

If one stops and thinks about this, what programs are out there for boys and men to have the tools and space to cry, grow, and be whole without the threat of death.

There are a few Ted-X sessions about how schools are failing boys epically. Going off of memory, there are 200 plus boys every semester that drop out of education completely and become listless and loss in each smaller educational area. The educator was interesting because she stated boys felt threatened from the initial start because there was no real male presence in education to mimic to their style.

I saw it in my sister’s son where they had to mega-dose him on ADHD meds and he wasn’t the only one in the classes (my sister is a teacher). The only thing our society has done is apply pharma to boys.

Is it impossible? No
Does it need to be done? Hell yes
Will it be a great world if it is done? You betcha

Is it sad that the only way we can motivate men now is via sex because that is the only thing they see of value in our society?

Not for me to answer.

Is this meant to be a list of excuses? No.

The reality is the population of men to help fight this fight is not great enough to stem the tide. The absent boys that turned into semi-responsible men without a voice are there, but they lack the tools of communication, the confidence, and the the community to force this home. Sadly they need to do this, but if they are too busy fighting their own demons … how can they help others (i.e. if you can’t love yourself how can you love another).

On the plus side …. watched a movie that had some interesting views in it …

Eurovision ….

There was a scene where a really hot greek woman went to bed with the main actor, and the presumed love interest assumed sex was had. The reality it wasn’t because the guy was in love with his lead partner and wanted to win a contest.

Did she force him to have sex? No. They slept and cuddled and later she shared with the female singing partner that she was jealous that he was so in love that she couldn’t come close.

I look at my travels and if I changed from the hyper patriarchal setup in the 1990’s that I observed if I would have been more confident and gotten the therapy (and maybe went to the police) if women didn’t feel threatened and thought that they needed only alpha men to be with stud wise. Conversely maybe the guy who “fancied” me might not have gotten aggressive like he did since he would have learned to talk to me or whatever.

Cest la vie.

Great article (as usual) and I hope my commentary gives you food for thought, because what I see is a lot of guys that do want to help but don’t have the tools or confidence to help effectively.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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