All of this!!!

I can’t tell you how sad, mad, and irritated I get when I see assumptions. I wrote my response immediately after I read it because damn it it pisses me off.

My response to her response has a story all about it. I super damaged and before I actually started to fix me, refused to even go there. If I am in most broken and fucked up state rebel against this, what does it say about those so called mentally stable and “healthy” people.

Well what I see is the dark abyss I refer to in their eyes through the mirror I am looking at while watching themselves watch themselves.

That piece was fucking amazing Vanessa Torre should be commended so much Joe Duncan.

I still keeping thinking wow just wow that is a woman that truly is an amazing human being, probably if she is a parent is going to raise one helluva a kid. As a feminist she is top notch.

As a side note, day 2 passed onto day 3 ….

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