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I literally had this happen while I had my hair cut yesterday. Dick Nose baby by the stylist, while I made sure the mask stayed on my face while she snipped and cut.

The two other guys in there ... zero masks, the other two stylists masked properly, include a younger stylist with really sexy yoga pants (I love yoga pants BTW).

So I did my usual math for the lady who said masks don't work, I stated you are right. A N95 mask will provide 20 minutes of air equivalent to 1 minute unmasked. Remember they stated it takes 15 minutes of exposure to collect a fatal payload.

Her next comment was ... Well that is awesome see masks aren't needed. My response which was an intellectual kick to the balls, which should only be done in consent and fun relationships was ..

That is 15 minutes over THREE weeks, remember I stated this nasty virus last four hours on copper. Just like you stated copper disinfects everything right.

four hours ...

Oh my, I never realized that ... Oh my ... So I agree we shouldn't shutdown our businesses where everyone is hurting, but that means all people are wearing masks "properly" (as I stare in the mirror at her dick nose).

I said it in a way that wasn't mean, and I used a patriarchal "german" masculine white male voice.

I had one of the guys thanking me for talking to them and not down to them, but I decided it was payment for when the cute stylist who wore a mask correctly well you know .... :D

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