All of this and more (and happy travels to you):

I pounded the travel and what not for several decades, and a month ago my partner asked me bet you are jealous that I am traveling and getting to go to hotels and what not.

I said nope, I am fine. Turnabout is fair play when I was in Milan for 3 months or Dusseldorf on and off for 3-4 months or Belfast ... you survived and so will I. In fact, being settled for 5 years when I ran around and moved for 30 plus years is awesome. I feel healed.

Would it have been cool like my boss, who had it written into his contract that his wife travels with him for free?

Sure. Would have loved to been in that position. So my view is, do the things you want to do. Life is short, climb that mountain, go to Peru/Chile. Drink real Columbian coffee.

Is it better with two? Definitely, but sometimes solo is cool and fun too.

Now on a fun note, this past trip. I know she bitched about a trivial thing that has happened to me countless times. Key card/fob demagnetization.

I could hear her roll her eyes as I bitched about XYZ, and of course eventually I stopped. Well, she got burned 6x over 10 days recently.

I stated after the first event, get two cards put one here and one there and you will be fine. Nope ... stubborn AF. Only on the last day did she get two, and I laughed ... you know how you stated I am right always Ms. 99% ... congratulation you are no Ms. 98% who hooo I win ....

What made her do something? I had to pee god damn it ... I said yep I know exactly all about that. Remember, how with my status I can keep the same type of room on the 1st floor in a particular place and you called me a freak? Well "sweetheart" I have had that mad rush from too many manhattans, tossed the card that failed to the concierge fix this room X ... and I was within 15' of orgasmic release of #1 ....

So ... the moral of my winded story is this. Is it better to live and love as 2? You betcha, but no one should stay at home because one can't find a like minded soul.

Live, love and be free. Life is short, and liberation is critical to being fulfilled in life.

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