All of this and more, and men would learn a lot from being desired and wanted too. They would understand the ick factor and the ugh feeling.

A few months back a close friend of mine who I am no longer as close too, during a zoom call catchup, literally started to expose himself and play with himself.

I sat in shock because I have had this discussion with him, and part of the reason for the call was to talk about his unwanted advances and to see how he was mentally doing with "everything".

I slid the zoom video down and hid his blatant masturbation. It was awful and disgusting on so many levels.

I had a lengthy chat after, and I said no. We aren't doing video "dude".

If more men had "this event" happen to them, they would appreciate consent, respect, and liberation.

We would also deal with the true asshole police"rs" of a moral society, and show them as the true manipulative sad people they are.

The reality is men that fear liberated women shame them, and women that are jealous of those women shame them.

Wrong "emotion" to empower.

As for dick pics, I seriously don't get it. The *only* time that happens I know for me is after a lot of time and discussion, and for me I would never be the one to put that foot forward (to say). My partner is the one that has to ask for that ...

Guys should maybe learn from women, less is more. If people feared less especially men, then they would understand women have so much capacity for sex, love and pleasure and once done they will definitely be all in making sure their partner's needs are also taken care of.

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