All of this and then more make this a Ted Talk or a Masterclass.

I am a “Jedi” in performance architecture and testing and design and modeling etc. I build single silo systems that scale to 100 million-plus users with five 9’s and low latency.

This requires a level of detail and focus because some of the work is three-dimensional and requires layers of servers that play with each other. When dealing with my health issues and then thinking about “everything”, I realized women were exactly like some of the most amazing troubleshooting I have done.

So I have learned that I need to sometimes not apply Heisenberg to things, but I need to monitor, interacts, and “inject” me into it. Somethings need to naturally flow. The running joke that was taught to me was a certain expensive mainframe required maintenance, and the only person left was an executive VP at another company. The guy is contracted out to fix the competitor's system, he comes in with a three-piece suit and wingtips with a hammer. He hits the server in a particular spot and everything starts to work. The young manager stated, $1 million for this fix? WTF. You pay me because I remember the layers and know exactly how to use the hammer in the right place at the right time.

So, I have to use numbers to quantify (call me a man with logic or Spock), I need a way to understand if I am driving correctly with a pure heart behind the wheel.

So my “math” in my man “lizard” or “mars” brain, is I have read horrible studies of how CIS-HET women are basically 3:1 off with orgasms with their partners. So my “goal” is to “not” be one of those biological males, I want to see my female partner in crime to get her tanks refilled from decades of abuse and neglect and follow that pattern. Some folks will then make the assumption that it is all about supremacy and it isn’t. At some point, her tanks will be refilled and drained and the core of her being is fully saturated with my love and masculine spirit and even the love of others if necessary. At that point, the 3:1 becomes 2:1 then 1:1, and equality is made and had.

Does that mean I get lazy? F*ck no. Hell No. I put a lot of energy and effort into the woman/person I care for, do you really think I am going to throw that all away? What it means is the dynamic view of intimacy starts to go really amazing in so many ways.

This *requires* an active participant. This requires a leader and an active follower. This requires communication, love, compassion, and vulnerability. This requires the knowledge she/they can jump off of a cliff for fun and when she/they climb up … I am sitting with percolated coffee on fire reading a book and listening to some music waiting.

So you can guess I have some red lines in sex with a partner :-) children, animals, and partners that are simulating that they are “dead”. I actually dated this sorority treasurer. She had a dirty sexy librarian look, legs for miles and wow she was hot AF. We get it on, and she laid there. She barely moved, she did shiver a little bit, and it happened when she was like mount me now, please.

I tried over a month and then ended it. I was told later and I felt bad that she was heartbroken because apparently she talked a lot about me.

So be wild, be crazy, be loud, and be free. It is my job as a partner to provide safety, love, and masculine fire to add up the crazy fun.

Your last post and this one inspires this:

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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