All of this, given our society only *allows* anger and lust for men, one wonders why men go dark.

A fantastic female friend after I groaned about a relationship issue stated ... I have one view for men that I date and those in relationships.

Does she make you hard or make your life hard.

Equality is necessary for all, but as men pick up the required share and adult it up, one needs to understand that *it* will impact their sexuality far harder than women realize.

Think of an echo chamber and a wall with a small hole with no door. Picture that is all that the man can shove his emotions out to vent the trauma and pain. Women have a door and windows due to a community.

Men either climb a wall, take a sledge hammer to it, or squeak out help from the hole in the wall.

If men's sole outlet for his emotions is through sex, and through his partner, and now she states you don't love me, you must be gay or a girl ... picture that echo chamber of hell.

My experience was my trauma point was rape and this exact thing happened. I still feel her words "every" day, which can trigger the original trauma.

As I have a high libido, picture that replay event as a man.

I survived because I "manned" up, got therapy, talked , became a feminist, and connected with positive women.

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