All of this (obviously :) ), my dance with this devil was purely from a personal view between my parents and myself. As I have had trust issues, imagine one of the few sets of people you genuinely have trust stick a knife in your heart "every" year you see them.

My family was envious of my first class flying, my super-elite status (yes I had access to extra levels) ***

That being said, that shit was vapid to the reality I was sad as a man because to them I wasn't. That is my Dante's inferno of hell, where I am holding up a boiling cup of water to Yael holding tea bags in hell who is in a frozen room in hell.

Super awesome! We are both winning! (ha not)

The only blessing I had was society didn't rip into me. Line up for the booby prize behind the golden brick walls of patriarchal shit (so much not winning).

So for guys that attack a woman or her (now), "come and get some" for I will let you enjoy my block worthy rant right back at you. That being said, I also know Yael can well protect herself, so be hopeful it is her who responds :)

A woman is more than their ability to spit on a child, as a broodmare on my horse farm, and I as a man am more than the quality of my sperm and the size of my stud likeability.

What matters is the humanity of our hearts and souls, and our ability to build the children of relationship whether in platonic love or romantic (and trust me if you have the chops a woman like her or any other will rock your world.)

I have examples that talk to the resources and everything, else but … I am not going to repeat the madness since it stupid to even have to talk to it (not Yael’s point … her’s is perfection).

So yeah … we all are born alone and die alone, so in the end in the age-old home, I want to find where all my friends are so we can enjoy the last days “together”.

***. My father one trip on American Airlines with my mother was mistaken for me. My father goes up and the manager for the mainline came out and personally escorted them to the gate. The call I got after saying is "this how you fly". I chuckle, well I am a baby-man who gets mad when he bourbon baba is empty .... (my father ... nice my son is an asshole)

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