And thanks to you and Elle Beau, it is moving the needle.

I have lost track of how many I have had to work to get a thicker skin on over the years, then to realize I had the power to block and step away and return.

I used to get angry and now I have pity for folks that fall into this trap, because to be trapped in that hell/fear/trauma loop is awful. I know this from personal experience at a very intimate level.

I have bitten my tongue multiple times learning the importance of not projecting my anger/fear/ugh, and saying .... well I hope you are not a sales person in real life because if you are ... you must not sell very well.

One thing I learned on becoming a feminist, I went hard to the radical on moving from a nah not me to yeah I am in. Then I leveled off into something a bit more balanced.

But as roles reverse and great point examples are the WSJ articles as of late where college has switched into a 1950s role reversal where it is 60% female to 40% men ... is watching people justify how gender imbalances are ok and justified.

Inaction speaks volumes doesn't it, and those that lacked privilege and/or who were in the minority are showing their true intent by defending the systems that they fought against.

100% agree with you. Keep steady and calm and move forward, and when you find higher value human beings, treasure them as they are good people, while the others emulate the thing they hate the most ...

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