Another way to look at this also, is if men are stepping back and reevaulating how to approach, flirt, and what not. If a woman is interested, approach and ask first. By doing so, if there are guys around and they observe how women approach men they might learn a few things.

I shared a story on another thread, where I was at an Italian restaurant eating a meal while my wife was at a horse show.

A woman comes in to order food to go (for her husband), and I ended up striking up a conversation. I also made it clean I was interested in talking as I shutdown my e-reader.

We had a great conversation and that was it. For guys out there, remember women are human beings who enjoy conversation and talk and it shouldn't always be about dating and mating.

Talk to another and as such you get practice in being able to converse, which in the long run will help you out.

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