As a liberal republican (an oxymoron I know), I never wished that folks in the DNC would have to choose from the lesser of evils choices. Why it epically sucks is that you have to cross a redline, a boundary, relive an event etc.

The thing I have had to look at from my perspective is who is actually going to try to bridge the Hatfield vs. McCoy divide we have. We desperately need to de-escalate things in this country because the no my way or the highway approach, only means a war where people dehumanize and attack and hurt. It means good hearted people have to go to a dark place, and believe me once you touch the darkness you are never the same.

So as to your question …. being a feminist means full autonomy and ensure the highest levels of equality for everyone. Joe fits this build, versus a person that lives and breaths chaos theory.

We can’t afford to continue down this path. If you get curious, look at the average wealth for black americans ($11K est.) versus white americans ($134K est.) ….. versus the chinese in China ($200K) and in urban settings ($400K).

So until we can lift both groups and all Americans to the level of the Chinese … anything that fails to do this is being anti-American.

I know some folks will say what? That can’t be … but the patriarchy combined with the uber wealthy has modified what was one a meritocracy into something very far from what our founders dreamed and hoped for.

As for Joe … what bothers the F*ck out of me is he just doesn’t get body autonomy.

I am a #metoo survivor as a guy … so I have experience and can empathize 100%.

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