As a Texan, this rule is beyond arcane. RvW which was written in the 1970s, was about whether the child was viable.

Pull a 6 week old fetus out of a woman's body and it dies. Pull a 24 week old fetus out of a woman's body it has a high probability of winning the life battle.

One can debate the theological view, which is purely a religious view, and since the country is a secular state, one should slant their bias to the science based one at 24 weeks "for now". This may change as medical advances increase.

Secondly, they already had a law about restricting abortion pills at 10 weeks. What? You create a law which violates and causes confusion over abortion pills? If a chemical can end something growing, is it really life?

Theological POV.

No commentary about rape and incest, and when asked we stated "we are going to hunt rapist down"?

How? By building trust to women that you have their back? Where is that proof?

Those that are Pro-Birth (formerly known as pro-life) that are against Pro-Choice (formerly known as pro-abortion), who allow our children to be infected by an infectious disease?

People prefer government and groups of people to be logical, transparent, fair "and" balanced.

This law does not have logic, because they know going after a heartbeat bill will fail, so a deviously intelligent slight of hand is attempted to back door this. Making this a not fair, logical, or transparent.

Folks are free to believe their view and pontificate it, but also one can't state how dare you label me for saying you are pro-woman. You aren't.

Maybe a law needs to be created where DNA is stored for men, and women can sue men for failure to pay for their parental responsibility.

Folks state tongue in cheek, but if all lives do matter and one cares about lives, maybe at the age of 14 boys should be required to have vasectomies. Then pregnancies won't mysteriously happen, folks will say ... my body my right! The counter then would be don't you want to save a baby at 6 weeks?

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