As for women, I believe one can have a preference, but if a person forces this or make a hard judgement, then if I were a guy I would steer clear of this kind of woman. It falls into the I will only love you if you do X to your body.

Extra / Side commentary:

I have had this debate in political circles in the past, and oh boy you should have seen some of the "heat" that came from it.

Circumsion on a child that can't consent seems a dubious practice. I understand what the CDC has said, but is it really the smartest way to help guys "keep and stay clean"? Guys can't keep clean, so lets cut off a lot of sensitive skin off the genitals. This seems really backward and it seems disingeious study wise since my belief is this is a study to fit a purpose.

In the groups, my food for thought question I gave at the time was how far from the tainted chalice is this from mutiliating girls gentials.

I had some women scream not the same, and it is a baby that don't know any better (etc etc). I am Jewish and we do it because (etc etc). Then state don't you want to keep women safe, and virus free, and because ... etc.

One wonders if some of the issues with trust with boys and men starts with this cutting at an early age.

If I had a son, I don't know if I would have this done, even though it was done to me.

The ritual is highly invasive, but most men won't talk about that ...

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