As someone who is married to one and who I always call my better half ….

Nothing will light up one like assuming or attempting to control one then doing the following.

Though I chuckle, since I always state you truly do mimic the fire and lack of patience with your need for anger management …. as I duck from the punch.

It is very hard for men to move out of the blind and deaf and dumb of something that excites a person that has certain characteristics so we don’t become that “type” ….

I think your end paragraph was very note worthy, since I have found certain women extremely attractive and it has required a take back and pause mentally (enter in the joke of God is a jokester providing blood for only one brain in me) ….. so I am thankful for quite a few women who have been patient over the years ….

The interesting thing though still (at least to me) is the observation that after the initial mating and dating, the roles reverse where women want and desire a variety and types of things from men (not judging) and yet men stay stoicly unchanging …..

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