Authentic men are capable of managing woman's standards and needs, but will never be able to achieve women's fantasies and wishes that are expectations.

Men per society standards are thirst for physical intimacy and relationship intimacy, and women are thirsty for relationship intimacy and physical intimacy.

With the "thirst", one over indulges in areas that puts people into objectification and gross generalization. We all then double-down on authors from their own internal tribe, or they take a wild stab looking at the opposite.

Trope oriented men that use PUA and use "nice"ness as a tool instead of being truly nice and kind, and having humor and uniqueness that is wrapped in a good heart, only deserve low quality women who gross generalize or assume their masculinity and partnership needs.

Toxic individual sink within both genders sink in the mud together, while high quality folks pull themselves and other folks out of the mess.

Any person that has had a relationship more then 1-2 years (regardless of success), will learn there are individual needs, and then their is the maintenance of the relationship.

"nice" guys are not "nice", and pickup artists are only interested in getting off. My observation (and I am a feminist man) is that the "nice" label is similar to what some folks state about feminists as they use it to label that they hate men.

Both are horrible gross assumptions, but sadly fit the bill because people only look "screen" deep at people.

It is pretty hard for Gen Y/Z on both sides of the house. Given the pandemic and life as it is, Gen X was the last generation to understand what it means to meet in IRL by default. This is where if someone was faking the "nice" it became readily apparent (not to say it didn't exist then). Given the reduction in IRL interaction, people's expectations go even higher then before, which leads to people being even more thirsty and more folks taking advantage of one another instead of being human and friends.

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