Basic care and humanity maintenance should never get a gold star. It should be a baseline that should be expected by both genders.

There are huge forces still for masculinity in basic care and household and parenting, that need to change; however, society needs to empower a path of least resistance with an affirmative action type of view.

Maybe require home economics by default for boys and self defense course for women, where the older of the gender helps teach the younger.

Movies and entertainment should be written well and be solid, but also should show the more civil and better partners (assuming heteronormative) is shown.

A good example on Netflix could be "On the Edge of Seventeen" where two boys and a girl interacted in intimacy. One good and one bad (won't ruin the plot).

The issue is though that is for the Gen Z and next generation crowd. What does that leave for Gen X/Y? Well, it makes it infinitely harder. Even though it is a very very poor analogy, think of empathy, nurturing, and care like money/wealth. Women on average have a lot more of this kind of wealth, where patriarchal systems are similar to system racism ones for BIPOC.

How do we fight and resolve the system racism angles and other diversity aspects, may help men learn more authentic masculinity.

But as the author states, the old ways become obsolete, and given the stress of life especially on biological men, we as a gender will die off sooner.

It shouldn't be this way, but women should never feel or fear demanding basic human partnership needs being shared and met. They should keep those standards; however, if one implements hard one-strike policies as some people do. Don't be surprised if one's circle is smaller.

We have a lot to learn and gain from one another with different perspectives.

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