Be angry, just make sure when the outburst occurs that you follow through to your supporters that you like, trust and believe in to do aftercare. While men have the privilege folks talk about they are buck ass naked and defenseless mentally and emotionally having to absorb it all.

Energy is neither created or destroyed ….

But the evils women have dealt with far exceed those that men have, but remember men sometimes have to deal with the evils of men and women too, but societies training has only taught them to not cry and just “take it like a man”. That being said … yell, scream and do what you need to release the demons …

My only concern is in the long term men will drop like flies due to the stress or worse become part of the living dead emotionally and intimacy wise.

My experience … is that given what has happened I have a dark passenger next to a deep dark abyss in me permanently. While you will never see me succumb to it and allow it to hurt another ever … that doesn’t mean large pieces of me disconnect and die every day in the fight.

My concern is the anger and the dance will transform a person into something that one day they will not recognize when they look in the mirror.

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