Because Crazy is not tied to Gender.

On the guy side, some folks will say men are angry that is why they wont' wear a mask.

Maybe a better answer is men have given up on life and don't care anymore and are depressed.

No family, no hope, why bother let nature takes it's course.

I would say the numbers are probably the same, because those guys getting polled probably are saying what you want to hear because of the shame/blame.

A better question would be to those guys. Do you have a GP? Then would you take a vaccine?

Up until 5 years ago, I never went to a doctor and didn't have one and didn't do therapy. Why? #metoo and abuse made me not care anymore about life so why bother.

So if I was asked, I would say yes, but I need to plan my shots out for this around my immunotherapy shots since I already once a month take a 1/750 chance of dying and have to carry an epi-pen around IgE crap. So I need to be prepared for the hard crash that I expect to feel. I also had SARS in 2003 and MERS due to airline flights from hot zones (and not knowing).

As for women, you gals own that part of the analysis, and you are correct one can't assume folks are all in in the gender house, because ... well see my first line of the response.

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