Before we moved to Texas, I checked the Government broadband maps. I was told that there was high-speed internet in excess of 25 Mbps.

After I worked through I found out that this was a lie since all it took was one household having broadband in a zip code.

Remember the CAF funds to fund the internet for rural communities? It happened twice, and guess what? All the providers that took it slow-rolled if at all the deployments. How do I know this? I got to know the techs for "all" of Northern Texas (Frontier/Verizon).

There was a total of 6 technicians for the entire Frontier footprint, and I was lucky to always get their attention. Want to know how?

It took having 5 Business DSL lines at $130/month per line. Even then they could not keep it up and reliable, and as such, I had to drop $5K in hardware to trunk the lines together and send it to a data center at $250/month. This was to maintain a 40/4 line.

I found so many issues and had so many things fixed, and I begged and wrote proposals to try to get fiber pulled. I was told no ROI ...

What did I do? I created a 5G solution at the cost of around $10K and $800/month for 50/50.

This was Jan-May 2018.

So the going cost for 10/10 broadband in the US is $34. This is what it costs per month to run the business.

I am lucky, because I am an enterprise customer now, which means my packets flow above business and residential.

I have ranted and bitched and moaned about a lack of broadband in rural communities since the early 2000s. I even wrote a lengthy letter to a state senator who before I left got me in contact with the main vendor in Indiana. His reply to me. Move as it will never happen.

My example which got the community I was in actual internet? I stated I want to watch 1 hour of a show on Netflix. I can't on my T-1 (which BTW costs $470/month at 1.5/1.5 MbPS), so I have to use a hotspot. The cost of that show was $29 in charges.

I then showed two identical farms. One in Texas and one in Indiana in her area we were ready to move to. I stated Texas wins, why? No internet.

I stated the state is trying to keep high tech and highly intelligent people from leaving the state (aka brain drain) and here you have a guy that wants to stay here but can't.

Now the kicker what did Western Central Indiana and Northern? No Broadband. You can be a short distance from Cleveland and all you can get was 6/1 DSL at $70 from ATT who after the FCC changed the broadband act ... killed this service.

So Urban = rural = crap

America is a 3rd world country in so many ways it is sad and awful. Even if the Government steps in there aren't enough telco workers and companies to do this work.

What would it cost? Well to maintain a 50/50 connection in an area with the gear I use would require 27 x $3K per installation for hardware, $34 x 5 x 27 per month, plus lease tower roughly $100/month to "run". So $4700 a month for 27 families/households and $81K upfront.

To install fiber if there were no railroad tracks, was $20-$25K (and my luck with a railroad in the way) was $50K and $220 for 940/50 service.

That is presuming folks and companies are available, the only color that matters is the color “green”. I have fought this battle for nearly two decades and I came to realize that in this arena you either pay for it or you don’t get any.

Is it right? No.

Folk's cell phone bills will be getting a lot more expensive. Why? Verizon e.g. just forked over $40 billion they don’t have to have the spectrum to create 5G. Care to guess where that money will hit folks?




Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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Alan Tegel

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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