blockchain based currency is limited by one thing. Power to generate it and that is limited by the ability to build GPUs which are built where?

You are 100% correct there is a financial comeuppance, but I don't think it will come as a boom, as the market is adjusting itself, since the things that main street relies on to live (food, fuel, energy) is not based in the COLA calculations that the powers that be all use.

So entitlements which are the crux of the current CA deficits, will increase in low single digits near 0%, while the actual cost to live goes up year over year in the low teens. This will squeeze the boomers who will live longer, as they get stripped of assets and then get controlled by price controlled goods and in medicaid housing which sadly only gives a person months to live in.

Sounds nasty as it is, but someone has to pay the piper for the Boomers and most of the western civilization for not creating enough demand since the late 1970s for good and services.

Huh? when the birth replacement rate is not honored the supply of humans to buy things decreases as does the ability to have future product growth.

Then the house of cards falls ...

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