Blood and DNA does not guarantee family.

Mental health is the issue and the media and people who expel their own traumas (not you) on others every day, don't make people feel or act or live better.

They make them more erratic and insane, all because it sells papers and it makes the person attacking and mocking feel better.

Any person that fall to the "far" left/right or goes to an ideological extreme is over compensating for something horribly wrong in their lives.

If we take groups of people that idolize a cult of personality figure that is a "leader", I bet one can find a pattern of neglect (which is abuse) and other traumas (no jobs/work, hope, and all that). So folks will blame the individual, but give the environment a free pass.

The healthy and the majority of Americans by their actions or inactions are what create this environment. The ones that lose it are the canary in the coal mines dying.

Empathy, Sympathy, and love are the cure. Mental health work is necessary for quite a few people and even more so now. See a person ranting meme's against a class or group of people?

Well guess what ... they need therapy.

I am sorry you had such a horrible experience with a blood relative that parented you with negative patterns.

You deserve better, and we all do.

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