Brilliant, I saw this coming, and for folks that wave their hands and say whatever. Social media enlightened people in the worst ways from 2016-2019 about what I saw from 2003-2012, where I traveled between red and rural and blue and urban.

I actively picked up a farm with tens of horses, and moved to Texas. This was not easy nor cheap or fun, and I am still paying for it to this day. I made the move in 2015.

My view was over the next decade we would see a major financial implosion and major civil issue explode between red and blue and urban and rural of epic proportions, as the hate in the red areas due to the neglect by the blue areas passed critical mass.

Once settled, I worked on me and shared my dystopian (or depressive view) to others during that time and tried to improve my communication skills.

A gentleman who was an editor for major papers, was on forums were I was, recently sent out a public notice (since I am not in the private political groups anymore that "Tegel was right") ...

I don't want to be right, I wanted to be wrong.

But does that mean I run away from a fight? No. I buy American goods wherever I can and support local and educate those enraptured in bias.

I also step away from people so toxic now to ensure they have the space to flame out and will be ready when they come up for air.

As for NY, CA, and IL? Their Cleveland and Detroit days are coming, this hole is too deep and the shift to remote work is going to make them obsolete. The great discussion economically of moving up the ladder and growing and being the "Best" has a point where you hit the top rung and instead of gracefully going down the ladder, you fall off ...

Only the elite of the elite can survive like the folks in your article. The Harbinger for NYC actually happened and people cheered. What was it?

Amazon v AOC

That was the last call for the brilliant and beautiful and gorgeous minds and hearts for those in the NYC.

I pray I am wrong, please let me be wrong and don't let me be like 'Cassandra'.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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