Cavaet: I am married and not dating or looking.

4/20/21 House of Pfizer member

Also vaccinated for the flu ...

Your callout is a great question for people to ask, and it is more then just the pop-quiz issue of the moment.


Do you take care of your health?

Do you have a GP?

These are all action items under the word that a person takes care of themselves and understands the basics of being a viable long-term partner.

Most women will shake their heads, but for the guys that might not get it?

Taking care of oneself in this manner is more important then being a gym rat. It shows you are mature enough to be able to talk about birth control, and other health and relationship issues in the long term. It also speaks volumes about your mental stability, which is also critical for the long term health of the relationship.

I have allergic asthma and to get the shots I had to do a dance with the health department "and" my doctor for my monthly immunotherapy shots, which could collide and cause all sorts of evil. i.e. I have pre-existing conditions, so for those that have "fear", I must be a helluva a lot braver then you, since my shots I get every month give me a 1 in 750 chance of death, which exceeds the J&J mortality of 96 out of 12 million plus ....

Feel studly that you can protect a fair maiden in a pub, but have death breath? Who is the protector?

Dunno, we can leave that to Carlyn and others to determine in the "Game of Life", while I flaunt my House of Pfizer ....

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