CIS Male, heterosexual who would embrace intimacy with CIS/Trans women as they are one-in-the same to me.

I was raped and then had a feminist girlfriend (ex really after this) that told me I was gay and asked for it after I failed to perform a few days after the event sexually with her.

That started me down a twisted path where my masculinity and my ability to view myself as a “male” via being CIS and via a very very strict traditional upbringing as a no way.

I figured this out with therapy and work over the span of over two decades. I realized every person has both a masculine and feminine spirit. These traits are based up on core traits assigned to the biological standard. However, and this is critical for folks to understand (definitely not transgender folks) this does not mean a strong feminine spirited person in a biological male body is not possible. IT very much is. To assume that things are binary, is small minded and wrong because biology is about billions and trillions of combinations which go far beyond “anything” a human can understand (ever).

So I find this paradox (as you defined eloquently ) as beautiful, amazing, and a gift.

I have missing puzzle pieces in my soul personally. I am a fierce protector, take great pleasure in providing (strong masculine defender presence), but when that was shattered, I realized that a strong feminine presence rose up to protect my broken little boy on the inside and his flame. She kept me alive until I could rebuild enough of the masculine warrior to step up again.

Since my formidable masculine spirit has been grossly damaged for life but a helluva a lot stronger then most guys, I look and desire women that have that strong warrior masculine energy in them along with the strong feminine balance that may come natively with them.

It is how I know I could lead and protect a woman, but conversely feel comfortable sitting at home protecting the home front.

So I very much agree with what this article shows … and you know what paradox’s like this … are really fucking sexy and beautiful and make me sigh a little bit on the inside ….

Thank you.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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