Claire Divino, I am sorry [I have read a few other of your articles] that you have had the shaming and limitations all because you were blessed/cursed with should be a fantastic gift (physical attractiveness).

It is sad and disgusting to me as a man that biological males could not control the urges and surges. I do get it (being one and having been not strong at some points), but consent has *always* been queen/king with me.

Search in my past stories for “My Share” and you see the reason why [#metoo].

I have had women end relationships when I suggested that they were free to enjoy because obviously I was doing it because they were not enough for me. All I could do was SMDH, even my current partner says and feels this. I have been kink shamed and called a pervert so I feel ya (empathy wise).

It is so damn horrible, words can’t be described when you are forced to wear a mask. Personally, I have removed all but a few as when I do I intended to be able to discuss openly and honestly with the ability to process emotion and all that since it will be a nuclear topic relationship wise.

If I was granted emperor for a time, I know some folks would be really uncomfortable (consent matters always) in my ruled world, because there would be equality, and there would be some education around changing things up with roles.

Your writing (like the others is awesome and amazing). Much thanks again. I hope and wish (and pray if you are religious) for your continued liberation and hopefully you can find a partner worthy to “ride and die for life with fully and freely”.

For those woman that are open minded and go yuck that isn’t for me, I treat bodily autonomy the same way too. Your body your pleasure your rights, if your preference is monogamy and one lover at a time, that is very much cool also. The thing is as I have learned one better not be closed minded and limited in their sexual thinking (but if you are ok … that is ok too it is your body and your right). Just realize make sure the reason for being limited is for your personal reasons and not because of a man or society or safety ….

Thank you again.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.