Climate change is happening, but the USA is at 1990 CO2 levels and Europe is below it by 25% and Sweden is lagging at 17% below 1990

So if she wants to fight the climate issues, do her protests in China where all the damage is coming from.

Why doesn’t she?

FYI …. boats and airplanes combined equal 20% of the US output for CO2 so if a person is for free trade know that it is climate abuser.

It isn’t the fact she took a zero carbon approach or the protests she did. The problem is not the child it is the people that are attempting to cherry pick facts for their issue.

So … an ok message, with decent facts but targeted at the wrong person and countries. What is it called when a person belabours a set of facts over and over and targets a group?

If you want to see damage. Look at the rivers in Cambodia where the Chinese have damned up the rivers and have starved 60 million people of water and livelihoods to fight with renewable energy.

How many stories happen about that? (zero) and meanwhile China keeps dump and pumping illegally and pushes coal based energy ….

Meanwhile a book comes out with her two actor parents who are using a child like Jon Benet Ramsey ……

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