Common acts of kindness go a long long way. I have seen so many flame outs when I was on the road at bars all the time, it wasn't even funny.

When I was in an area for a while, I would get to know the bartenders, and I was considered a really good "customer". How I know this, as an ex-smoker, they would close the bar down, kick everyone out and say Al sit and drink, we don't mind.

I have seen the creepy look when women get offered a drink. One woman who was really attractive got verbal at a guy and it was #priceless. 30 minutes later, I asked the bartender to ask her if she would love to have a drink bought for her and if so whatever she wanted.

She gave a funny look, and the bartender stated before you say no. He stated that it was due to the fact you got to experience the shit-show of humanity and nothing is implied. Just one stranger saying that was messed up, and BTW ... he is a good guy.

She took her plate and moved over to a stool next to me and he brought the drink. We had a fantastic conversation. I was clear I was committed and it was to be nice and friendly. Great 2-3 hour conversation.

As usual, you have done guys a "great" service in sharing really good information.

As for the woman, her day was shit since she had to layoff 30% of the people that worked for her. So she was in zero mood for all of that. As for the "dude", the look on his face as she saw him "enthusiastically" smile while talking to me .... #priceless.

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