Common chivalry (from a male point of view) states that the man is supposed to walk near the curb since cars and other things have a higher probability of attacking the partner.

Let me preface this as I get the real issue is active listening and communicating here and working through needs and biases …..

His view is stating, I am protecting you and now you are saying you don’t need protecting, and now I am in “trouble” for protecting you wrong and not protecting you when you need protected.

My attempt at logically communicating it from a guy perspective is.

Honey I appreciate your protection from the cars and I understand how you have made the risk decision that the cars are more dangerous in your view and I love you for it.

My view is I can see the cars and can react ok and can protect myself better on the curb side, where I can see what is coming. I need your protection from the things I can’t see and it scares me a lot more, can you help me there please?

Women are superbly amazing at the context and depth in communication a = d when all letters are equal (e.g.). Men are logical and simple a= b … b = c … c =d … oh I get you … a = d

As for your shares … I truly appreciate it as it helps me personally, since in a way while on the exterior I am the big and thick and wide Texan male, as a survivor of abuse and rape … I am like you. There are day I need touch badly, but I cringe when she touches me. I want and desire sex badly (I have the male sexual energy in abundance), but I need mental and heart connection which is closed due to trust issues.

So I feel ya and your shares are an inspiration.

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