Yael Wolfe
You answered the question.


Simply put in a single answer, the poem is all about how women are so very beautiful due to the layers of her mind, her soul, and her physical being.

The first word in the first nineteen lines are all synonyms for the word “beautiful”.

The first stanza talks to what happens when the spark of connection happens between a woman and a man. Her beautiful presence makes a man “stunned” “stunned”, and what she says “stops” him.

The second stanza talks to the layered seduction that women have, but for every ounce of physical “beauty”, her actions, her spirit and her aura/warmth completely breaks down a man’s stoic walls

The third stanza talks to how via the societal lens, her physical beauty truly does consume a man, and his senses. Most men can’t get past stanza three, and that is the deepest loss. The hard wall where a woman judges the man is that third line. The beautiful spell she casts can only be pierced by the purest of hearts, purest masculine souls, and one who is vulnerable to a woman. To do this he must be humble to survive the “Indiana Jones — Raiders of the Lost Ark” and close his eyes and not “look” at the perfection and beautiful package. He must embrace her words and being.

The fourth stanza is for the man who does this. The words and her soul will expand infinitely with pure beautiful tones and feel with no touch. As an example, if one watches a woman do something she works on with passion. The loving creation of a book, chair, writing an article, empowering humanity to be better. You can see this in action. It is a glow, it is a parental aura, it is pure humanity and birth. It is beautiful without words. Men who respect this and love it, receive a level of inspiration not able to be documented. It is the point where a woman helps a man want to be a better man. Women are also biological too. They have lust and sexual desire that equals man. The last line states this in reverse to a male view and is required to exit the man out of the spell and “dream” state

This sexual being, this beautiful exotic and lustful slow as unmarked by the “bewitching” talk in the fifth stanza about how she can get lost in a males masculinity just in reverse. There is one key difference though when she does and the final use of the word “Beautiful” is how she does it with grace and style. Do not her body may not be graceful, if done right she is literally shaking and quivering (legs etc) in a way that still is beautiful. There is no fourth line like the others because it has been consumed by her raw being

The last stanza is the peel back like an announcer like Rod Sterling in the Twilight Zone. Talking to the experience of watching men and women mate and date and love. It is a road map for those men that get “stunned” and “stopped” to those that get lost in “lust” on the way to loving a woman. To even the situation where the man gets burned up by the lust of the woman.

It has six lines. The first four is the announcer. The Last two is providing the answer to an intellectual puzzle. For the answer to loving a woman and being inspired is very simple and in plain day. However, in a yin and yang view, masculinity to a woman is just as symmetrically balanced.

As I am not a woman, I can’t write to what she sees, when she sees me. All I can do is look at what feeds my soul like food. That is the beautiful mind and the beauty of a woman being and soul.

Congratulations and Gaby Rosales … here is the dumpster dive into the thought a logic from a man writing this poem from my heart and soul. Yael figured it out …..

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