Congratulations and finding more of your skin that is awesome. When I figured out I was a pansexual, it was like a huge wait off of me.

I realized that what mattered the most to me was the expressions of femininity within the person across from me and "viola" I released it could be another person that was a biological male.

The thing is though I prefer feminine curves and views.

But on my other sides there is an angle where I want to be taken and desired. It is a foreign thing for me as a person.

So I feel ya, 110%. People (a lot) I don't believe realize gender and sexuality is a range from like 0-10 and not 0-1 ...

In college, I dated this really stacked gymnast. Her body was far more masculine, and quite a few guys picked on me for "banging a dude".

The thing is ... she was the second best sex I ever had in my life. We fought in bed, and quite a few times even with my strength well, I felt a super strong stir in me (shall we say) as she won out.

It is sad in a way for me as I look back, if we had even in our shit show of life anything like we have now back in the 1990s. My life would have been so much radically better on so many levels.

BTW: The ASMR after listening on a speaker and not headsets ... well I had to turn it off as it started to well you know :). Great find!

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