Congratulations on working through your demons. The story reminds me of a friend that replicated the story about how a man was ready to say “fuck it all" in the worst possible way, and went to Mexico to do hookers and blow until he either died or found himself.

Way more severe, but you get the point.

As for a person, I met on my business travels … he went through an awful divorce. We crashed at the Marriott in San Francisco and got massively drunk. I told him my suggested get we’ll plan. List the things he cared about most from his house. Get his lawyer to pack up what he cares about in a boxes and store it. Then pack three bags which would last one week, and leave two in his office.

Then fly to London or some other city and crash the weekend and fly back.

Rotate the bags out and do it for a year. Pick airports with hotels on property and just float.

He wrote me an email saying it was what he needed to detox from a shitty marriage.

Yours sounded like a lot of fun 😁

Be well

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