Connected sex and intimacy is the best. People if it is lacking in their life should embrace it and love it. If they are partnered up and it is lacking, talk should happen to reduce the strain on couples privilege and if rules are set and honest is made.

Guys (in cis-het) should embrace their partners truly enjoying girls night out.

Since equality matters and this becomes a regular thing, then the partner should help make sure her partner's intimacy needs are being met too.

It makes me chuckle though, because in a watch what you wish for situation, if guys overcame the stigma of what gay and homosexual men feel naturally. There might be some jealousy flowing both ways.

I never thought of it this way until I was crashing for a weekend on a mileage run in San Francisco with a friend (gay). A Trans-woman at the bar who kept hitting on me "hard" kept telling me ... "honey I have the feminine spirit that will rock a man's heart, and I have the brain of a man to know how to drive it home again and again and again and again.

That point hit me later at night when I was in my Marriott bed, missing and wishing for connection.

Then the next morning while exercising Karma and Fate spun up Janet Jackson's If and I was like you fuckers (fates) ....

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