Coralie Oddy-Propsting These topics should be talked to, but the participants need to be educated. See you and I see the commonalities, but from your vantage point hoe many random men do you and other women meet IRL that have taken the time to do the work?

So presuming not many and worse those that hide from it using the shields of denial, privilege, and apathy, have ay best a fifth grade mentality.

One can’t talk to this with them in reality since they can’t see the layers in the discussion. They will tackle it with only people that they trust whole heatedly, and that would require a safe space for men where the bouncing and horrific twists that would be grossly consuming on an emotional labor aspect for a person not male.

That is where linkages would need to be done where like minded feminists come together, and share the notes and progress. Once the guys education rises then you layer in women and what not.

Men in a way now have just come to the realization of where women were at the start of Woman’s suffrage. For guys that jump over the hurdle of personalization, I would suggest reading Radium Girls and then have them come back and talk.

The key is unlocking the male protective and supportive spirit (team) that happens while teaching the ability to modulate the objectification, pedestaling, and bro culture.

Then when they see women as equal partners like on a football team, an ah-ha moment will occur.

If you are curious, it was a few months in the making, but the last part of journey out of that toxic mess I penned in a poem Toxic Apocalypse on my main medium feed.

Becoming a feminist, and then writing poetry helped direct things for me. I never had aspirations as a writer nor desired to be. It was something that I felt focused my soul and masculinity to being a better one.

Be well and thanks for the discussion.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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